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Alternative Energy

Renewable Energy

We provide our customers the products and information needed to make intelligent decisions regarding the use of Alternative/Renewable Energy sources including Solar Energy, Fuel Cell, Wind Power, Hydropower and Biomass.  We are concentrating on Solar and Fuel Cell Energy Technologies including Photovoltaic Systems and the implementation of Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Passive Hot Water Systems and other applications such as Street Lighting and Remote Monitoring Systems.

Kimball Environmental is engaged in project development opportunities with municipalities, utilities, investors, and industrial clients. Development work can includes land acquisition, project planning, interconnection analysis, permitting, environmental compliance and community development.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Kimball Environmental engages our team of professionals, utilizing their expertise and experience to design state-of-the art solar facilities. We combine our established supply chains and factory relationships to develop and provide leading-edge components and materials.  


Kimball Environmental works with top financial institutions and investors that possess years of experience in financing industrial projects. Our team of professionals will lead in establishing the correct partnerships and relationships with financial groups to successfully fund our projects.

Operation & Maintenance

Our firm will provide Operation & Maintenance including activities such as facility monitoring, cleaning solar glass, breakdown management, repair work and warranty management.



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